SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins is a grassroots nonprofit making an international impression. Created from a love for music, amplified by radical collaboration with like-minded organizations, and funded by people and partners who recognize the extraordinary economic and cultural community impact, SpokesBUZZ raises global awareness of Fort Collins sound and culture by bringing worldwide attention to local bands.

Title Track:
The name “SpokesBUZZ” is a nod to some of the key components of our unique Fort Collins experience: bikes, bands and beer help make our city a great place to live. As informal spokespeople for the quality of life and creative culture found in Fort Collins, we help generate buzz about our city as a hub for amazing music and much more.

SpokesBUZZ started in 2009 with founder and music fan Dani Grant touring the music showcases sponsored by various cities at Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Having a compelling story to tell and the inherent musical talent to provide the soundtrack, Fort Collins, she knew, could do it better. In March 2010, SpokesBUZZ presented the first-ever Fort Collins showcase at SXSW, bringing six groundbreaking Northern Colorado bands to Texas to perform in front of an international crowd of industry professionals and die-hard music fans. Fronted by considerable musical talent, backed by the City of Fort Collins, branded and buzzified by A-Train Marketing Communications, and stimulated by specialty beverages from New Belgium Brewing and Coyote Gold, SpokesBUZZ made a serious splash at SXSW. A Fort Collins after-party in April 2010 brought the bands to center stage back home and energized the community, mobilizing more creative collaboration and spotlighting the potential for exponential success. In May 2010, SpokesBUZZ organized as a nonprofit, bringing on high-energy board members to provide structure and further stimulate forward progress. Six bands were selected as the SpokesBUZZ “Class of 2011”, and the momentum persists, propelled by passionate volunteers, hard-working musicians and ever-expanding cooperative community efforts.

Fast Forward:
The excitement generated in the first year continues. The unbridled enthusiasm of the selected SpokesBUZZ musicians is inspiring, and in the end, the winner is: everybody. SpokesBUZZ promotes and incubates local bands, helping them to reach a much wider audience – and the bands in turn bring Fort Collins along with them, attracting attention for Fort Collins as a town where talent is rewarded and entertainment is abundant. Through touring, marketing, publicity and partnership, a global platform is created where fans of the bands become fans of Fort Collins. SpokesBUZZ envisions Fort Collins as a city where musicians and other artists can thrive and where the creative economy flourishes, ultimately stimulating success for all citizens. Together, we’re gonna rock this town – all over the world.

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