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The Buzzword: SpokesBUZZ Goes to Washington!

While there are plenty of live (and undead) music happenings here in Colorado this week, we’re particularly proud to present SpokesBUZZ events in our nation’s capital as part of the annual Future of Music Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. Now in its 14th year, the Summit provides an opportunity for meaningful dialogue around music industry policy,…

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Wicked QuickEd: P.R. — Chemistry Club’s Got Game!

It might be the time of year (the quiet post- summer touring season and/or SXSW prep season), but we’ve been fielding some questions about PR and EPKs. That’s short for “public relations” and “electronic press kits”, for those of you who don’t abbreviate everything like you’re texting 24/7/365 WTF jk. One of our SpokesBUZZ board…

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The Buzzword: It’s SpooksBUZZ Season!

October in Colorado ushers in the glorious changing of the leaves (yay!), the annual tapering off of the outdoor concert season (boohoo), and one of our favorite things: some frightfully freaky seasonal shows by our beloved bands (BOO!, minus the hoo). With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, the masquerading madness starts somewhere around mid-month, and…

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The Buzzword: Glee!dren, Gone West and What’s Cookin’

West-Southwest-Northwest Everybody’s back from BandSwap, but a couple SpokesBUZZ artists are headed out West on the road this week — Qbala is off on a southwestern Colorado mini-tour that includes Durango and Cortez, while Grant Farm heads to the Pacific Northwest to say hello to Portland and Seattle before heading down to California. Whaaaa? Eldren … for…

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Know Your Rights: Mechanical vs. Synch Licensing

As part of the SpokesBUZZ incubator program, the bands have a monthly incubator session which is generally a panel of presenters who speak on subjects ranging from band management, recording, social media or legal issues. July’s focus was on publishing and music rights. The presenters were: Dave Ratner – a recovering band manager who is…

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The Buzzword: BandSwap, Hip Hops

This week: one word encapsulates 30+ performances featuring bands from 9 cities: BandSwap. (or, as we like to encourage you to refer to it in Tweetspeak: #BandSwap.) You can get lots of in-depth information on BandSwap Homecoming and a rundown of the scheduled events, but we thought we’d include a couple little behind-the-scenes tidbits to…

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