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The Buzzword: Escape from Family Togetherness

Holiday madness starts in earnest this week, and for many, comes with the opportunity to spend more time with family. This can be welcome and warm and wonderful. For the first 48 hours. Or the first 4 to 8 hours. Then it might be time for a bit of respite. Luckily, live music is the…

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The Buzzword: Battles, Journeys and ECHO Echo echo

It’s a super-packed week of pre-holiday hoopla by many a SpokesBUZZ musician, and you have much to be pre-Thankful for if you’re a music lover. And we know you are. Here’s what NOT to miss before you gorge yourself on potatoes and pies: Band Battles … with some intramural action! Don’t miss Bandwagon Magazine‘s Battle…

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The Buzzword: Set it to Simmer

Not a ton of live shows going on this week — almost everybody’s hunkered down and hibernating, with the notable exceptions of: The always-hustling Qbala, playing The Colorado Room in Fort Collins on Saturday, 11/15 Wyoming jaunts by Maxwell Hughes (at Juniper Shop in Cody on 11/15) and Fierce Bad Rabbit (!) headed to Casper to…

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The Buzzword: Electing to Rock

Whether you rocked the vote or the vote rocked you, it’s already been a noisy early November. Why not unplug from the political posturing and get absorbed in something far more interesting? We have a few suggestions, naturally: Eldren didn’t play a Halloween show but that’s probably because they were aiming for more of a Ween…

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