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SpokesBUZZ Wants You: Play SXSW. Become a SpokesBUZZ Band.

That’s right. We want you… to consider two opportunities that may help launch your band into the superstardom you so deserve. Or at least into the local spotlight to start. “How?” you ask. We’ll lay it down for you super simple-like: We want you to perform in the middle of one of the country’s largest…

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Wiredogs & Wasteland Hop — Torn Between Two Shows

Choices, Choices … It happens all the time — with SpokesBUZZ coming up on six years of selecting bands (get your applications in if you’re interested!), we now have more than 100 musicians in our not-so-little family. And they play shows on the same day at the same time. A LOT. (see: Bohemian Nights at…

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