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A Band Resolution for 2016: Track It!

The end of the year is nearly here, making it the perfect time for you musicians to get your ducks in a row regarding your shows — and one super-smart place to start is by resolving to carefully track your tour history. Time and time again in our SpokesBUZZ Incubator sessions, we hear music industry…

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Ring in the New Year: All Week Long!

Several SpokesBUZZ bands are bidding 2015 farewell this week: by bringing 2016 in with a bang! Enjoying live music is an enjoyable, affordable way to ring in the new year and, luckily for you music fans, there are opportunities to see amazing local music (often with some bad-ass nationally touring acts) throughout the week and weekend. Go see a show…

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How Does SpokesBUZZ Get Its Funding?

Given that this is the eve of Colorado Gives Day (a statewide movement created to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado), and we’ll be asking our supporters to consider making a donation to SpokesBUZZ, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at where our funding has come from so far in 2015. So…

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