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Blastoff! Recording Band Together: Volume VI

Every year since SpokesBUZZ started, we’ve created a compilation album featuring music from the local bands currently in our Incubator Program. This year is no exception, meaning that SpokesBUZZ: Band Together – Vol. VI will be ready for release in the next couple of months (you’ll want to mark your calendars for our annual CD release party: Friday, December 11 at Hodi’s Half Note).


For the past three years, we’ve been fortunate to have the SpokesBUZZ bands record at the acclaimed Blasting Room Studios right here in Fort Collins, where they not only leave with a world-class recorded track, they gain hands-on industry experience working with some of the finest professional producers and engineers in the business. This year, we introduced some additional creative constraints to the project: we asked each of the bands to record their tracks for the album live, in a one-hour studio session. Luckily for us, Andrew Berlin at The Blasting Room was up for the challenge, recording the entire album in a two-day stint of back-to-back sessions. He barely broke a sweat.


The Blasting Room’s Andrew Berlin chatting with Wiredogs before their recording session.

Recording live helped us best utilize our limited budget, and forced the bands to prepare for the session in such a way that they would be able to quickly produce a solid performance in the studio (vs. being able to go back and correct and edit and perfect the track in post-production).


Three of the six members of Eldren listening to their track — they seem happy with the results!

So how did it all come together on Band Together this year? Come pick up a SpokesBUZZ CD and hear for yourself on December 11! As always, it’ll be a huge night in the music community, and the best chance you’ll get to hear the SpokesBUZZ bands performing live in one place … not to mention another display of the magic of creative constraints, with each band playing a 3-song set. We hope to see you there!

A huge thank you to Andrew Berlin and The Blasting Room, and all the SpokesBUZZ bands who took out time in the middle of the week to record a song for the compilation. You all sound amazing.

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