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SpokesBUZZ Bands at FoCoMX 8!

Our favorite Fort Collins music festival is once again on the horizon! Every year, we just enjoy the heck out of FoCoMX, a two-day band extravaganza organized by the Fort Collins Musicians Association. This year’s event takes place April 22 – 23 in Fort Collins. One of the smartest things you can do is to volunteer for the festival in exchange for a free wristband!


Our pal Angel at Cohere Bandwidth, demonstrating the fun of FoCoMX wristband ownership.

Another wise move is to start plotting your weekend now! With more than 200 bands playing in 2 days, the smart festival-goer makes a plan, backed up by a solid overall sense of who is playing where, and when. Because sometimes the best-laid plans require you to embrace serendipity after all.


You never know who you might bump into at a FoCoMX show!

To help you in your scheming, the FoCoMX website has an online schedule-building tool (cleverly co-created by our board member Rob Viola of Vionza Music). To help guide your hand as you make your plans, we have also curated an at-a-glance listing so you can locate SpokesBUZZ bands (past, present, Springboard … and a smattering of solo and side projects for good measure). Check it out!

Friday SpokesBUZZ Artists at FoCoMX 8

FoMX8 handbill Day One

Springboard focomx8 handbill Day One Digi

Saturday SpokesBUZZ Artists at FoCoMX 8

*FoCoMX-tra Special Addition* Maxwell Hughes 5:30P at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

FoMX8 handbill Day 2 Digi

Springboard focomx8 handbill Day Two Digi


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