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The Buzzword: Sweet Release

Mid-October in SpokesBUZZ land is absolutely out of control — so many special events and new releases are on the docket this week (and next) that you all had better pace yourselves. Or don’t. You’re young and spry. You’ll be fine. Though by the end of October, Welcome to Deathville might be more than just an album title.

Here’s what’s in store:


On the Horizon

We’re not kidding. It just keeps going.

  • Oct. 15 brings two events featuring Wasteland Hop (including an appearance from our BandSwap buddies The Quick & Easy Boys from Portland) … AND a Matt Mahern show, to boot. Oct. 16 Qbala has her official EP release at The Whiskey. Oct. 17 is yet another SpokesBUZZ band doubleheader with American Blackout and Gasoline Lollipops sharing a Hodi’s bill … don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it. Next week. We’re getting hand cramps over here. \m/

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