Band Together: Volume VI

Each year, our current SpokesBUZZ bands contributed a song to an annual compilation album, spending time with industry experts in a local recording studio as part of our artist incubator program, then performing at an album release party where we share the music with our community.

With SpokesBUZZ: Band Together – Volume VI, we introduced some creative constraints: each band recorded their track live, in a one-hour session at The Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, under the guidance of Andrew Berlin, one of the finest producers (and people) in the world.

Here’s a blog post about making the album
Here’s where you can stream or download the album via Bandcamp
Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process from our intern Maria Ferrando:

SpokesBUZZ: Band Together – Volume VI

SpokesBUZZ Band Together VI
Tracks 1 – 11 Recorded live at The Blasting Room by Andrew Berlin
Track 12 Recorded live at The Blasting Room by Chris Beeble
All songs mixed by Andrew Berlin
All song mastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic Sound
Album art and production coordination by Shane Zweygardt

1. Chemistry Club: “I Just Don’t Love You At All”
Jake Euler – drums
Dylan Camacho – guitar
Jeff Wiencrot – vocals and synths
Micah Daby – bass
Written by: Jeff Wiencrot
Produced by: Chemistry Club

2. Eldren: “Devil”
Nasir Malik – guitar, vocals
Tyler Imbrogno – guitar, vocals, mandolin, piano
Jeff McCollister – keys, percussion
Josh Lee – violin
Steve Holloway – bass
Forrest Raup – drums
Words by: Nasir Malik; Music by: Nasir Malik and Eldren
Produced/Arranged by: Eldren
Engineered by: Andrew Berlin; Mixed by: Tyler Imbrogno and Andrew Berlin

3. Red Fox Run: “Didn’t See You There”
Daniel Rondeau – vocals, guitar
Joshua Hester – guitar
Caleb Thoemke – drums
Seth Beamer – bass, vocals
Written by: Red Fox Run

4. Pandas & People: “Watch It Burn”
Josh Scheer – bass/lead vocals
Johnny Day – banjo/vocals
Chris Weist – mandolin
Adam Haag – percussion
Grayson Erhard – guitar
Written by: Pandas & People

5. Wiredogs: “Broken Youth”
Dan Aid – vocals/guitar
Steven Beck – guitar
Mark Hibl – bass
Shane Zweygardt – drums
Written by: Wiredogs
Produced by: Andrew Berlin
Additional vocals by: Andrew Berlin

6. Qbala: “So Alone”
Qbala – vocals
Kind Dub – music production
Written by: Qbala
Produced by: Kind Dub
Kind Dub and Co of Hood Life Music and Apparel crushed the overall production of this track.

7. Grim&Darling: “Change”
Sam Goodman – violin
Menyus Borocz – upright bass
Dan Briechle – drums
Jessa Raskin – guitar/vocals
Jordan Polovina – cello/vocals
Written by: Jessa Raskin, Jordan Polovina

8. American Blackout: “Asking for Trouble”
Craig Miller – vocals/guitar
Ross Dougherty – bass
Damian Schoenecke – lead guitar
Shane Zweygardt – drums
Written by: American Blackout

9. iZCALLi: “A New Lie”
Miguel Avina – Guitar and Vocals
Brenda Avina – Bass
Luiggy Ramirez – Drums
Written by: Miguel Avina Ramirez
Produced by: Miguel Avina Ramirez

10. The Burroughs: “Cut You Down”
Johnny Burroughs – vocals
Sean Hagemeister – guitar
Tom Amend – keyboard
Mary Claxton – drums
Brian Claxton – bass
Alec Bell – trumpet
Briana Harris – alto saxophone
Jeremy Fallis – trombone
Hayden Farr – baritone saxophone
Written by: Johnny Burroughs and The Burroughs

11. Slow Caves: “Rover”
Jakob Mueller – guitar, vocals
David Dugan – guitar
Oliver Mueller – bass, vocals
Jackson Lamperes – drums
Written by: Slow Caves
Produced by: Slow Caves and Andrew Berlin

12. Gasoline Lollipops: “Resurrection”
Clay Rose – guitar/vocals
Don Ambory – Telecaster
Brad Morse – bass
Jon Mouser – drums
Written by: Clay Rose

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