Each year, SpokesBUZZ supports 12 Colorado bands through our Incubator Program, providing them with access to education, networking, performance and promotional opportunities as part of our mission to develop the professionalism of local musicians. There are, of course, many other Colorado bands deserving of attention and opportunities. We created our Springboard Program as a way to connect the community to a curated list of additional local bands that we recommend.

Below, you’ll find booking information for SpokesBUZZ Springboard bands; please feel free to contact the bands directly with questions.

**BONUS: check out this handy guide with some of our tips for successful band booking!


Attack on Venus
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Alternative
Sounds Like: Tomahawk, Muse, Coheed and Cambria
Talent Fee Range: from $200
Booking Contact: Alan Hlavacek | attackonvenus@gmail.com | 970-310-1276

Colony Funk
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Funk, soul, blues, rock
Sounds Like: Voice compared to Janis Joplin, the band is influenced by everything from The Temptations to Phish.
Talent Fee Range: Fees and rates discussed upon hire and are subject to location, time and sound needs.
Booking Contact: Amanda Hofer | colonyfunk@gmail.com | 970-371-1318

Dechen Hawk’s Jus Sayin
From: Boulder, CO
Genre: Soul/Funk/R&B
Sounds Like: D’Angelo, Allen Stone, Martin Sexton
Talent Fee Range: $100 – $500, depending on Dechen Hawk solo, duo with Colin Robison, or full band
Booking Contact: Eric Imbrosciano | ericimbrosciano@gmail.com | 845-742-7879

Elise Wunder
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Americana
Sounds Like: Amy Winehouse, Neil Young
Talent Fee Range: $100/hour for solo performances; $200/hour with band
Booking Contact: Elise Wunder | elise.wunder@gmail.com | 970-301-2774

Equally Challenged
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Pop
Sounds Like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews, Phish, Jason Mraz
Talent Fee Range: from $200 – $400
Booking Contact: Paul Maley | equallychallenged@gmail.com | 970-405-5863

Johnny & The Mongrels
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Blues & Funk
Sounds Like: JJ Grey & Mofro, The Meters, Tab Benoit
Talent Fee Range: $300 for the stripped-down trio; $800 for full 8-10 piece band
Booking Contact: Johnny Ryan | 970-310-9111 |  johnnyryanmusic@hotmail.com

Lunde Station
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Folk Rock Americana
Sounds Like: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash
Talent Fee Range: $500 for full 5-piece band without sound; $700-800 for full 5-piece band with sound equipment. The band is scalable and can place as solo act or 2, 3, 4, or 5-piece.
Booking Contact: Erik Lunde | 970-568-8084 | eriklunde@mac.com
Alternate Booking Contact: Ryan Lennartson | 970-232-8065 | ryan.lennartson@hotmail.com

Maxwell Mud
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Rock and Roll
Sounds Like: Queens of the Stone Age, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin
Talent Fee Range: $600 – $1200, depending on set length and event
Booking Contact: Sara Durnil | sara@sixteenthnoteltd.com | 970-222-9769
Alternate Booking Contact: maxwellmud@gmail.com

From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Acoustic/Songwriter
Sounds Like: The Avett Brothers, The Head and the Heart, James Taylor
Talent Fee Range: $200 minimum
Booking Contact: Brian Zeiger | zeiger77@gmail.com | 970-420-4117

Professor Fox Band
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Americana
Sounds Like: Tom Waits, Wilco, T-Bone Burnett
Talent Fee Range: $100 per hour for the one-man-band, $150 per hour for added guitarist/vocalist (Julian Peterson)
Booking Contact: Steve Jones | stephen.matthew.jones@gmail.com | 970-658-6629

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
From: Denver, CO
Genre: Outlaw Country
Sounds Like: Blackberry Smoke, Waylon Jennings, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band
Talent Fee Range: $500 for bars and honky tonks; $800-$1600 for concerts, fairs and major events
Booking Contact: Ryan Chrys | spilloutmusic@yahoo.com | 303-489-7457

Savage Cabbage
From: Nashville, TN & Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Indie/Alternative
Sounds Like: early Police, Day Wave, Interpol
Talent Fee Range: from $100
Booking Contact: Collin Orr | savagecabbageband3@gmail.com | 970-556-9365

From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Reggae/Funk
Sounds Like: Peter Tosh meets George Clinton
Talent Fee Range: $350 minimum local; $400 minimum+hotel rooms for out-of-town; $500 minimum+hotel rooms for out-of-state/5-hour drive
Booking Contact: Carlton Pride | coloradocarlton@gmail.com | 512-818-7337

The 14ers
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Folk/Rock/Singer-Songwriter
Sounds Like: Dawes, Death Cab For Cutie, Jack Johnson
Talent Fee Range: *download Pricing PDF*
Booking Contact: Ryan Kirkpatrick | info@The14ersMusic.com

The Longest Day of the Year
From: Boulder & Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Alt-Country Rock & Americana
Sounds Like: Drive-By Truckers, Wilco, Lucero
Talent Fee Range: $500 – $1200
Booking Contact: Sean Lamborne | mulewaxmusic@gmail.com | 734-812-7470

The Seers
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Variety Rock / Psychedelic Folk
Sounds Like: Tom Petty, The Black Keys, Simon and Garfunkel (500+ Covers)
Talent Fee Range: $100 – $800, depending on season, day of week, time, sound, and hospitality
Booking Contact: Sean Waters | theseersband@gmail.com | 970-221-3638

The Swashbuckling Doctors
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Ska/Alternative
Sounds Like: Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, Ween
Talent Fee Range: $250 – $800; band has PA available for additional fee
Booking Contact: Scott Slusher | swashdocs@gmail.com | 970-988-4995

Tommy Metz
From: Denver & Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Pop Electronic
Sounds Like: James Blake, Phantogram, Baths
Talent Fee Range: from $100
Booking Contact: Tommy Metz | tommymetz@gmail.com | 970-402-1250

Tyler T.
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Space Folk
Sounds Like: Xavier Rudd, Ryan Bingham, Keller Williams
Talent Fee Range: $100/hour (1.5 hour minimum, up to 4 hours); with a special guest musician: $400 (up to 3 hours); for full band (Tyler T. and the Common Clay): $1000
All prices include provided PA/sound and sound engineer if necessary
Booking Contact: Tyler Thompson | tyler@tylertmusic.com | 806-239-7232
Alternate Booking Contact: tyler51184@yahoo.com

Write Minded
From: Fort Collins, CO
Genre: Funk/Hip-Hop
Sounds Like: Sublime, The Roots, Dirty Heads
Talent Fee Range: $400 – $600
Booking Contact: Samuel Mouton | wmindedmusic@gmail.com | 970-231-2868
Alternate Booking Contact: Remy Szekely | remy.s@comcast.net | 970-308-0206

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