SpokesBUZZ funds the recording, promotion and distribution of an annual compilation album featuring songs created by the musicians participating in our Incubator Program. The organization has a non-exclusive license, granted by the artists, to use these songs “for promotional materials designed to generally further the artist’s career via their involvement with SpokesBUZZ”.

SpokesBUZZ requires that requests to use this licensed music:

  1. be directed to the organization via email (at info _at_ spokesbuzz _dot_ org)
  2. provide context — where/how do you wish to include the song, and for what purpose?
  3. include an understanding that the artist, song title, and SpokesBUZZ will be clearly and appropriately credited in any resulting materials should the request be approved.

The music on the SpokesBUZZ compilation albums is not to be used without the express permission of the organization. As a courtesy, SpokesBUZZ will also discuss each request with the artists who created the song before granting or denying permission for its use by third parties.

We welcome the opportunity to further promote SpokesBUZZ artists by sharing their work with a larger audience, but request that the above process be followed before any decisions are made. Thank you for your interest and understanding.

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